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Handeze Therapeutic Support Gloves provide relief for wrist & hand pain.

Handeze Energising and Therapeutic Support Gloves are doctor recommended and are user proven to reduce pain resulting from strain, stress, cramping, swelling and pain from the fingers, hands and wrists while performing continuous or repetitive motion activities.

Handeze Gloves

Developed by the New England Therapeutic Research Group, Handeze Gloves combine three proven pain relievers: heat, support and massage.

By merely putting on these non restrictive gloves, body heat becomes contained, raising the blood temperature in the wrist, hand and fingers. The form fitting design gives support to the flesh and muscle structure of the hand and wrist. The four way stretch material, Med-A-Likra, produces an automatic massaging and energising effect. The more you work, the more the massage.

Handeze gloves help to alleviate pain relating to:

  • Arthritis

  • Tendonitis

  • Carpal

  • Tunnel Syndrome

  • Stress related injuries

  • Continuous Motion Syndrome

  • Hand Fatigue

  • Poor Circulation

Thousands of people are finding Handeze Therapeutic Gloves beneficial. These include:

Drivers - Typists - Stitchers - Knitters - Writers - Quilters - Computer users - Draughtsmen - Motorcyclists - Lace makers - Carpenters - Machinists - Painters - Musicians - Modellers - Fishermen - Sportsmen - Gardeners

The first thing you must do, is determine the size of glove you require.

To do this, place your hand along the edge of a piece of paper as shown by the diagram below. Make a mark in line with your knuckles on the paper, and then measure the distance between the edge of the paper and the mark you have made.

Do not use the diagram below, as its size will vary depending upon your computer screen size.

Handeze Gloves Size guide

Take the measurement you have made, and refer to the chart below for the glove size you require:

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