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Anchor Stranded Cotton

Anchor Stranded Cotton is a superior 6 strand extra long staple 100% Egyptian cotton embroidery thread, where each strand can be further divided into 2 single plies. Anchor Stranded Cotton’s pull free skeins allow the perfect length to be “removed” from the skein without disrupting the skein itself.

This construction makes Anchor Stranded Cotton particularly versatile across all types of embroidery, making it the most popular embroidery thread around the world. Ideal for Cross Stitch on various fabric counts, Anchor Stranded Cotton can also be used in Freestyle embroidery, Canvaswork and other forms of Counted Thread embroidery.

Stranded Cotton thread comes in 8m skeins and provides a brilliant lustre, unique softness and an intense light reflection due to the extra long staple length of the Egyptian Giza fibres and double mercerisation. Completing its superb characteristics is a wide range of 460 colour-fast shades plus 24 Anchor Stranded Cotton Multicolours.

Anchor Stranded Cotton - Shades 1 - 59  

Anchor Stranded Cotton - Shades 60 - 119

Anchor Stranded Cotton - Shades 120 - 178

Anchor Stranded Cotton - Shades 185 - 245

Anchor Stranded Cotton - Shades 246 - 302

Anchor Stranded Cotton - Shades 303 - 361

Anchor Stranded Cotton - Shades 362 - 831

Anchor Stranded Cotton - Shades 832 - 886

Anchor Stranded Cotton - Shades 887 - 968

Anchor Stranded Cotton - Shades 969 - 1032

Anchor Stranded Cotton - Shades 1033 - 5975

Anchor Stranded Cotton - Shades 8581 - 9575

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